About Basil Bob

Basil Bob's Aqua Greens
The Ultimate Growing System 

Basil Bob has over 25 years of commercial hydroponic growing and is considered the industry leader in hydroponic growing systems.  Basil Bob has researched every type of growing system and is thoroughly convinced that he has developed the Ultimate Growing System and formulas for growing culinary herbs, vegetables and micro greens. Basil Bob's most loyal customers were Albertsons, Krogers, and Raleys grocery stores, Belagio Hotel, Mirage Hotel, Ceasars Palace Hotel, MGM Hotel and many more.  Basil Bob is currently working with Dr. William Langridge (a scientist at Loma Linda University) in creating and developing edible vaccines.  Dr. Langridge is so impressed with Basil Bob's growing ability that he wants Basil Bob to grow all the plants for his research.  Based on Basil Bob's Ultimate Growing System, growing herbs and micro greens in a controlled environment could exceed $1,500,000.00 in gross projected profits per acre per year.

Many newspapers and magazines have written articles about Bob's growing facilities.  Some of them include Victory Gardens (2005) and
Growing Edge (2002).  PBS filmed a documentary on Guy Savoy, Europe's  #1 chef,  showing Basil Bob's Ultimate Growing System.  This PBS documentary was broadcast in September, 2011. 

After all the knowledge Basil Bob had accumulated over the past 25 years he now wants to help hydroponic entrepreneurs have their own Ultimate Growing System & franchise.  

SYSTEM is an acronym for Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, & Money. Don't waste money on people who think they know how to grow.  Contact Basil Bob and discover for yourself how his Ultimate Growing System can benefit you in your growing journey.

Bob Davenport
"Basil Bob"